Stainless Steel T Profiles

As highlighters, PVD PVD coated T Profiles, Trims & Inlays are utilised in tile, furniture, doors, floor dividing lines, carpet/floor transitions, interior and external cladding, etc. Since T Profiles are simple to install and have a beautiful appearance, they are frequently utilised in projects requiring interior and exterior decoration. In local dialect, it is also known as T Patti.

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Product Features
Durable and anti-corrosion.
Easy to customize.
T-shaped profile is easy to install.
Metallic texture and rich colors.
Rich surface treatment.

Stainless Steel T Profile Specification :

Material :Stainless Steel 304 / Stainless steel 304L / Stainless steel 316 / Stainless steel 316L / Stainless steel 201 / Stainless steel 430.

Thickness :0.5 mm0.6 mm

Sizes (mm) - (W x H) : 6 x 6 / 8 x 5 / 10 x 5 / 12 x 5 / 15 x 5 / 20 x 5 / 25 x 5 / 30 x 5

Length : 8 FT10 FT (in 6 x 6 Size 10 FT is Not available)

Surface Finish : MirrorHairline (In Antique Colour Mirror finish is not available)

Double Protective Film : 1st film : 70 microns (Laser Film of Nova Cell Make)2nd film : 30 micron

SS T Profiles

SI-T1 Profile

SI-T2 Profile

SI-T3 Profile

SI-T4 Profile

SI-T5 Profile

SI-T6 Profile

SI-T7 Profile

SI-T8 Profile

Stainless Steel T Profile Special Surface Treatment :

>  Anti finger print
>  Anti bacterial
>  Anti scratch
>  Optical coating

Stainless Steel T Profile Product Application :

>  Interior Decoration
>  Exterior Decoration
>  Floor Inlays
>  Wall Inlays
>  As a joinery between two different materials