Aqua Ceilo

Grigio Classico

Nero Classico

Nero Marrone

Nero Argento

Nero Sublime

Rame Classico

Nero Retro

Rame Martellata

Oro Classico

Rame Magnifico

Aqua Nero

Aqua Classico

Aqua Argento

Aqua Retro

Platinum Retro

Nero Rame

Oro Bronzo

Nero Bronzo

Bronzo Retro

Stainlessinox specialises in custom surface treatments. Our applied metal surfaces use real semi-precious metals that we apply and hand polish in our factory. Applied metal surfaces are suitable for interior and exterior applications. Our range of metals include gold, platinum, copper, brass, bronze, aluminium, iron, pewter, rose alloy, tahiti, antique copper, antique bronze, antique brass, zinc, aqua alloy, etc

This gallery shows examples of the range of applied metals, textures, ageing effects and surface effects we can achieve.

We Are Exclusive Distributors Of Liqmet, A Reputed Australian Company