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Mirror polished finishes for stainless steel plates

When it comes to high-gloss or mirror-polished stainless steel surfaces, stainlessinox offers traditional and new pioneering solutions for applications in:

  • Architecture
  • Yacht and shipbuilding
  • Automotive and electrical industries
  • Medical technologies
  • Container- and silo-manufacturing
  • Machinery and engineering
  • Aerospace and many more

  • stainlessinox's polished quality is selected by artists and designers even for the most demanding art projects.

    Mirror polished stainless steel of the highest quality

    stainlessinox is your ideal and competent partner for all polished stainless steel surfaces of the highest quality, including high-gloss polished, mirror-polished and various others.

    However, since the very common terms "high-gloss polished" or "mirror-polished" often do not provide a very clear definition of the product, stainlessinox defines its self-produced and distributed mirror-polished inox surfaces in several quality levels in order to create more transparency for the customer when inquiring and more clarity when ordering the material:

    How do we mirror polish stainless steel plates?

    During mechanical polishing, the upper layer of the inox surface is removed by our polishing lines and with the help of polishing agents, a flat, smooth and as flawless as possible finish is created. Only after that does the actual mirror polishing take place.

    Different results (qualities) of stainless steel mirror finish can be achieved depending on:

  • The base material,
  • The base surface finish,
  • Various machine parameters and processes

  • Measurable values such as roughness and gloss plus the visual appearance and approval serve as the basis for verification.

    Mirror polished stainless steel: applications for yachts, architecture and more

    The high-quality products manufactured by stainlessinox are in great demand, especially with the design applications in the field of:

  • Architecture: façades, indoor and outdoor walls, roofing sheets, elevators
  • Yacht: boat fittings, hardware and accessories
  • Shopfitting: reception desks, escalators, etc.
  • Lighting and furniture construction

  • Whether we mirror polish inox steel for yachts or shops, you can always expect the highest quality from us. Even in the extremely quality-sensitive sector of art, our products are well known and highly recognized by the most famous artists, however they like to remain anonymous.

    stainlessinox: mirror-polished stainless steel and more

    stainlessinox not only offers you mirror-polished stainless steel (sheets and plates in various lengths, widths and thicknesses – 0.5 mm, 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, or even 5 and 10mm – or custom-made), but also a vast range of products and services in the field of stainless steel surface finishing.

    For such products, stainlessinox uses stainless steel grades:

  • AISI 304/304L
  • AISI 316/316L

  • Due to its unique expertise, stainlessinox is able to manufacture custom stainless steel plates in dimensions or lengths, widths or thicknesses that cannot be found anywhere else.

    The following dimensions are possible:

    Width : max. 2,000 mm
    Length : max. 6,000 mm
    Thickness : 0.6mm to 15mm

    A particularly outstanding example is the "Red Sea Project" where 4mm x 2000 x 6000 was used, was done on our machines. Other stainless steel surface treatments of the highest qualities are also performed by stainlessinox: grit polishing, vibration polishing, bead blasting, fluid forming, PVD/TiN and nanoINOX®-coating.

    Mirror-polished stainless steel: properties and advantages

    In principle, we differentiate here between technical applications, which, for instance, require the requested surfaces to have the lowest possible roughness (Ra value).

    Other customers request a certain reflectivity from the metal finish, for example in the lighting industry.

    Another increasingly popular use of mirror-polished stainless steel sheets is found in architecture, shopfitting, yacht and shipbuilding, where the focus is very strongly on an optically first-class result in terms of the visual quality of the stainless steel sheets.

    In addition to a flawless appearance, more advantages of a mirror finish are the low weight ratio compared to glass mirrors, the very good workability and, immensely important when used in public buildings or other highly frequented locations such as train stations, airports and others, mirror-finish stainless steel plates are unbreakable, fireproof and vandal-proof.