Stainless Steel Polishing

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Stainlessinox offers multi-style surface polishing on the stainless steel materials, including coil to coil wet polishing, sheet to sheet dry polishing or sheet to sheet wet polishing, mirror polishing, with the main styles No.4, HL, 8K, SB, etc. By polishing the cold rolled steel sheet with an abrasive belt of a certain grain size (grit), a surface is obtained which has a silver-like metallic shine, which improves the decorative effect.

The finer the grain of the abrasive belt, the brighter and more even the finish. Surface roughness and structure can also be affected by different polishing techniques, even if no differences are detectable with the naked eye.


Wet polishing, produces a finer surface than dry polishing. The grain size (grit) of the abrasive belt and the resultant surface roughness of the sheet do therefore necessarily not have a fixed relation. Wet polishing also produces a cleaner surface with less microscopic defects than dry polishing, this means that dirt, bacteria and corrosive substances generally do not attach as easily to wet polished surfaces.


Coil Polishing Lines Performance

Thickness: 0.01mm - 0.314mm

Width: 31mm- 86mm

Surface: NO.4, HL (Blens 'S'), SB

Plate & Sheet Grinding Lines Performance

Thickness: 0.012mm - 12mm

Width: 31mm - 165mm

Surface: NO.3,  NO.4, HL (Blens 'S'), SB, DUPULA

Polished sheet is used for purposes where quality of appearance and hygiene are very important, such as:

  • Commercial kitchens (work surfaces, cooking utensils, dishwashers, freezers)
  • Households (cooking vessels)
  • Public places (sanitary facilities, hospital equipment, kick-plates)
  • Buildings (sheet metal cladding and Elevator interiors)
  • Vehicles (car hub caps, wall panels for express trains)
  • Households (sink units)  

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Mirror Finish - NO.8

stainless steel sheet #8 mirror possesses a highly polished finish and does not contain or have a coating or finishing material to give it reflectivity.

Brushed Finish - NO.4

Number 4 finish stainless steel, commonly referred to as "satin" finish, is a general-purpose bright polish that is the most popular choice for architectural applications.


Seemingly endless polishing lines applied with Scotch Brite give the hairline, long-grain, or fine-line finish its unique appearance and make it more reflective than a No. 4 polish.

Bead Blast- Sand Blasted

Bead and shot-blasted finishes produced by the impact of a hard, inert medium onto the steel surface result in non-directional, uniform matt surfaces with low reflectivity.