All About Stainless Steel Angles

Stainless steel angles, both laser fused and hot-rolled, are popular structural shapes that see many uses and applications in the steel industry. Profile sizes also range from 1” to 20” in various grades. With cost-effective hot rolled equal angle and unequal angle available as well as the customization and flexibility of laser fused technology.

Equal and Uneven Stainless Steel Corners

Equal stainless steel corners are the most common. The smallest available size is 10x10x2 millimeters. Looking at the largest dimensions, stainless steel angles can reach up to 200 x 200×20 mm. The wider corners are usually special profiles with very rare use.

Uneven stainless steel angles also follow the dimensions of carbon steel counterparts. The smaller one has dimensions of 20x10x3 millimeters and the larger one 200x150x15 millimeters. The standard length of stainless steel corners is 6 meters.

Production of Stainless Steel Angles

Depending on production, technology and use, there are different types of angle bars in stainless steel and carbon steel.

Hot Rolling

Hot rolling of stainless steel angles is the most cost-efficient production method. It is not very costly and complex to hot roll L-profiles. Therefore, it is the economic alternative to achieve the commodities. However, with this technology one receives a product with the limited requirement regarding the tolerances, round angles and an internal radius, which can be up to double the amount of the material thickness.

Cold Rolling

Cold rolling of angle bars in stainless steel grants a fine and bright profile surface. These profiles have tight tolerances and both inside and outside have very small radii.

Such stainless steel angles will often be used in aesthetic applications, e.g. in furniture construction. They also often mirror polished, which looks easy, due to the already smooth surface.

The available dimensions of cold-rolled stainless steel angles are limited though and reach only the size up to 60x60x6 millimeters.

Cold Drawing

Cold drawing of angle bars in stainless steel is another production method, which allows very precise sections. The tolerances for these stainless steel profiles are within the h11 scope. All corners are sharp and there is no inner radius.

The dimensional range for cold drawn stainless steel angles is similar to one of the cold-rolled L-profiles. Production lengths lie between 3 to 4 meters. They also are used in aesthetical applications. However, the biggest range of use is for machine construction, where a high level of precision and dimensional accuracy is needed.

Laser Welded Stainless Steel Angles

The worldwide annual consumption for angle bars bigger than 150 millimeters is so low that it does not reach the minimum quantity for the hot rolling process. Therefore, laser-welded stainless steel angles will be the better choice. We produce the L-profiles by welding together two stainless steel flat bars. The result is sharp-edged, has a marginal inside welding seam at a maximum of two millimeters, and has tight tolerances.


All About Stainless Steel Angles

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