Uses and Advantages of Hastelloy C276 Sheets

Hastelloy C276 is a tungsten-added nickel-molybdenum-chromium superalloy developed to have excellent resistance to corrosion in a wide variety of extreme environments. The high content of nickel and molybdenum makes the nickel steel alloy particularly resistant in reducing environments to pitting and crevice corrosion, while chromium transmits resistance to oxidizing media.

In order to preserve corrosion resistance in as-welded structures, the low carbon content minimizes carbide precipitation during welding. This nickel alloy is resistant to the formation of grain boundary precipitates in the heat-affected zone of the weld, making it ideal in the welded state for most chemical process applications.

What are the uses of Hastelloy C276 Sheets?

The Hastelloy C276 Sheets are mainly used in the fabrication industry in applications such as Hastelloy Heat Exchangers, Hastelloy Columns, Hastelloy Condensers, Hastelloy Reactors, Hastelloy Pressure Vessels, Hastelloy Piping Systems, Hastelloy Pipe, and Hastelloy Spargers.

These sheets are also used in the manufacturing of pollution control stack liners, scrubbers, ducts, stack-gas reheaters, dampers, fans, and fan housings.

The Hastelloy C276 Sheets find their application in the chemical processing components such as reaction vessels, evaporators, heat exchangers, and transfer piping.

The other uses of these types of sheets are flue gas desulfurization systems, Sour gas wells, Pulp, and paper production, Waste treatment, and Pharmaceutical and food processing equipment.

What are the benefits of Hastelloy C276 Sheets?

The Hastelloy C276 Sheets have plenty of advantages because of their versatile characteristics. So, let us discuss some of the benefits of this grade.

One of the best advantages of these C276 sheets is the excellent corrosion resistance in reducing environment and exceptional resistance to strong solutions of oxidizing salts like cupric and ferric chlorides.

They are also resistant to localized corrosion like stress-corrosion cracking and pitting. Hastelloy C276 Sheets can withstand the corrosive effects of wet chlorine gas, chlorine dioxide, and hypochlorite.

Hastelloy C276 sheets show good machinability and can be cold worked, forged, or hot-upset by all conventional methods.

These were a few of the applications and advantages of the Hastelloy C276 sheets which we needed to know about.

Uses and Advantages of Hastelloy C276 Sheets

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